The Herzzentrum Freiburg-Krozingen

Herzzentrum Freiburg-Krozingen


The Medical Center has a long and rich history. Some very famous doctors of the world have worked here, such as Nobel Prize winners for achievements in medical science. The medical faculty of the medical center was founded in Freiburg in the year 1457, thus making it one of the oldest and most distinguished faculties in Germany.

Nowadays, in Bad Krozingen, it works in cooperation with the University of Freiburg and has a capacity of 20,000 patients per year.

You might be a visitor or a medical assistant working here, in the Herzzentrum Freiburg Krozingen for some weeks.

In the background you can see the 1,414 m high Belchen mountain.

Herzzentrum Freiburg-Krozingen

Herzzentrum bad krozingen
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